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Your success is our business.

Via manufacturing and product development facilities throughout the world, Prime Pharma can identify and develop customized product solutions for the most demanding of applications in confidence and partnership with our customers. Your success is our business.

An experienced and highly qualified production team, associated with the progress of the R & D projects, handles the pilot plant development phase and assures industrial production success. In addition to FDA inspected facilities with active Drug Master Files (DMFs), a rigorous quality assurance program guarantees adherence to the most demanding standards in the industry: FDA, GMP, ISO 9000, ETC.

Prime Pharma has extensive experience manufacturing custom products for companies in the pharmaceutical, veterinary and biotechnology industries. Reliability, expertise, high product quality and environmental standards, these qualities have won over the customers of Prime Pharma and earned us the reputation of partner of choice.

The versatility and range of equipment and technologies available is complemented by a highly qualified R & D staff of innovative and experienced chemists and engineers organized in teams who remain with projects from the early stages of their evaluation as development candidates, through to commercial production.

Additionally, our scientific and manufacturing resources are closely linked, from development at the laboratory, to test and pilot plant. The continuity provided by this philosophy ensures smooth evolution of projects through all stages of their growth.

With production facilities located in several countries, our customers are ensured cost-effective drug development from discovery through commercial production. These facilities provide complete process development through scale-up and commercial production for the most complex multi-step drug synthesis.

Prime Pharma believes that customer satisfaction is the top priority; to this effect every individual at our company takes active participation towards this team effort. To ensure that Prime Pharma meets or exceeds customer expectations we are continuously improving all phases of the business.

Our research and development activities focus on responding to customer needs for changing market requirements. We are a reliable partner for our customers in the joint development of new products.

In addition to its manufacture of products outlined in this catalog, Prime Pharma has utilized its technology to develop and commercialize processes for proprietary products on behalf of individual customers on a strictly confidential basis.

At the same time, we emphasize individualized and responsive customer service so that we can understand and quickly act upon our customers’ changing needs. We are committed to a Total Quality Management program that emphasizes customer service, flexibility, continuous improvement and consistency in products produced.

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Wherever you are in your project's life-cycle, we can strengthen and accelerate the development of your product with our advanced and innovative technologies and unmatched manufacturing capabilities.

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